Let's focus on the small things….


My work is based on journeys and travel. In my work, I am trying to explore the experience of a specific place or a journey, both in terms of my own memory and in terms of what a viewer might get.


I am interested in the nature of memory, and how photography in particular operates in terms of memory. For example, the tourist photograph. What is the tourist photograph? A Postcard is available to all, however the act of taking photo is an experience.


Memory is a construction not a reconstruction. In order to construct this memory, one has to build something new from the fragments that one can remember.


In my work, I explore how we reassemble these glimpses of things into some kind of overall representation.


The work is made using layering and strong colour, using a considered process. It is created with the view to being shown in an immersive scale.


The work is made up of fragmentary imagery. These images represent half noticed, half remembered glimpses. I use photography and layering to suggest experience and memory of somewhere beyond a conventional photograph.


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